Presenting at IDUG North America – Phoenix, AZ – May 2014

Here is exciting news from my end. I am going to be at IDUG 2014 North America, Phoenix, AZ. This is my first ever IDUG and I am excited to be going to IDUG not only to learn but also to present 2 sessions in DB2 LUW track.

They say there is no time like the first time. As this is the first time that I would be at IDUG , I am so eagerly looking forward to be at IDUG in May that not a day goes by without me talking about it to someone in my network (it be colleagues, friends etc.). It is exciting and humbling to realize that I am going to be presenting two presentations. Here is how this came together. I will be brief.

Last September (2013), Scott Hayes from DBI Software (If you are DB2 Developer or a DBA, you should definitely sign up for his free educational webinars at visited my employer (We heavily rely on DBI tools to do database performance management). After we parted ways, just couple of days before the IDUG abstract deadline, he suggested I should submit an abstract for IDUG and outlined the topic. I was initially terrified but gathered enough courage to submit an abstract. In December, I came to know that it has been accepted. In next few months I worked on draft and final copies. The title is: “C10 – DB2 DPF Successes: Monitoring and Tuning a hybrid IBM Infosphere Warehouse“. I am doing this presentation along with Scott Hayes. I will be sharing my experiences with tuning a large hybrid DPF database. It is in DB2 LUW track on May 15th at 9:15 AM (session C10).

My 2nd presentation is titled: “C08 – DB2 DPF Tips and Tricks: UNIX, SQL scripts and more for Lazy DBAs”. My fellow colleague Rao Balaga is a co-author for this presentation.  This presentation covers the thought process of a lazy DBA and details many tips / tricks in the form of UNIX and SQL scripts that aid a “lazy” (efficient with time and technology) DBA. I will be presenting this topic alone at IDUG (only one of us are allowed to go to IDUG this time.) It is in DB2 LUW track on May 14th at 2:15 PM (session C08). This one was only tentatively accepted until yesterday. I got an email from chair that this topic has been officially accepted and is now part of the program.

Briefly, here are the topics and timings:

1) C08 – DB2 DPF Tips and Tricks: UNIX, SQL scripts and more for Lazy DBAs — May 14 (session C08) 2:15 PM

2) C10 – DB2 DPF Successes: Monitoring and Tuning a hybrid IBM Infosphere Warehouse — May 15 (session C10) 9:15 AM

If you are reading this blog post and would be attending IDUG NA at Phoenix, AZ, I hope we would get a chance to meet and I hope you would consider attending these presentations. I am looking forward to meet who’s who in the world of DB2! I will share my experiences (possibly short blog posts) while I am at IDUG and after I am back from one of the most exciting events I am looking forward to this year.


5 thoughts on “Presenting at IDUG North America – Phoenix, AZ – May 2014

  1. Congratulations on presenting! My first time was with an IBM’er two years ago. I’ll be presenting D05 and D10 this year.

    Thanks for posting, I am going to see if I can shift and make one of your sessions!

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  3. I will be there as well .. I’m co-speaker for the PD/PSI class on Monday @8:30 am ( Paradise Valley ). Hope to see you. I think we worked on a couple of PMRs last year .. 🙂

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