Pavan on DB2Night Show on 23rd May – Monitoring and Tuning DB2 DPF

One more exciting news from my end.. I will be sharing my experiences with tuning a large hybrid DPF database on DB2Night Show on 23rd May which is the Friday after IDUG week. IDUG is going to be week-long conference filled with learning, fun, meeting friends and making new ones. 23rd May’s DB2Night Show is based on my joint presentation with Scott Hayes, DBI given at IDUG on May 15 (session C10, 9:15am). I had blogged about my IDUG talks here.

Sign up and come listen on 23rd May. Here is the URL. I look forward to seeing you on the show. .

Thanks for the opportunity Scott Hayes and Martin Hubel. I appreciate it. I am excited about sharing my experiences with DBI tools and how we used DBI’s tool suite to monitor and tune a large DB2 LUW DPF database. I am looking forward to this DB2Night Show. Here is the URL for the DB2Night Show:


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