Recognized as 2015 IBM Champion

championI am thrilled to share that I have been recognized as an IBM Champion for the year 2015. This is my first time getting recognized. I hear there are only few hundred IBM Champions around the world. The email said: “You are among an elite group of individuals that have been chosen for this recognition.  Congratulations!” It definitely feels special.

I want to thank Ember Crooks for nominating me for this recognition. Ember is not only an IBM Champion but also an IBM Gold Consultant. You should check out her DB2 blog if you have not done so already. I also would like to thank Scott Hayes (DBI Software) who encouraged me to blog and to speak at International DB2 Users Group. Sharing knowledge with the DB2 community played a big role in IBM Champion recognition.

IBM Champion recognition is for one year. So, who is selected? From IBM’s site, “At the close of the nomination period, an IBM panel will consider the community impact, expertise, and overall contributions of the nominee. IBM will evaluate nominees both on the quality of contributions and the level of participation across a wide variety of community activities.” Check out IBM’s Champion program at

How did I become an IBM Champion? In March 2014, I started to share my DB2 knowledge via  blog posts on Later, I presented at IDUG (in 2014, 2015), at CODUG (Central Ohio DB2 Users Group), on DB2Night Show (hosted by DBI), became a member of CODUG’s leadership and started helping our local RUG (Regional User Group). I connected with professionals like Ember Crooks, Scott Hayes, Mike Krafick and many more. I participated in social media (twitter) and expressed my opinions. In this process, I contributed to DB2 community in addition to learning and meeting cool people.

What do I have to say looking back? I would say what Phil Collins said. “In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” This applies very well to blogging because blogging puts us in a situation not only to learn more on technical topics but also to articulate  ideas in a better way. If you have been considering about technical blogging and haven’t got to it yet, I encourage you to start pursuing it. If you need assistance with ideas related to DB2 or anything related to blogging, I would be delighted to share what I know. Just reach out to me. If I do not know, I can lead you in the right direction or to the right people. Blogging has played a key role in my becoming an IBM Champion.

Thank you for reading.


One thought on “Recognized as 2015 IBM Champion

  1. Congrats Pavan for this recognition ! Truly you guys deserve to be champions 🙂
    Following yours and Ember’s blog for quite a while and I am always eager to know what is the next cool thing about DB2 I can learn. In this process, I have also started blogging recently at Hope to learn and share more .

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