Tablespace backups in a DB2 LUW DPF database

In this blog post, I will share about few gotchas to look out for when backing up tablespaces in a DB2 DPF database. What is DPF? I wrote a detailed blog post on

Why Tablespace backups?

Why should we look into backing up tablespaces instead of the entire database? Below are couple of instances when we want to backup tablespaces:

  • You just created a new tablespace; Before taking an incremental/delta backup, the newly created tablespace needs to be backed-up.
  • Tablespace is in BACKUP PENDING state. This can happen when we perform a load operation for a recoverable database and specify the COPY NO parameter. We can remove the tablespace from the BACKUP PENDING state by backing up the tablespace.
  • Is it practical to do database backups? A database backup for a multi-terabyte database (think Data Warehouse) is not practical all the time. It consumes too many resources (CPU, storage, lock contention etc.). If the recovery effort is well thought out, we can get away with performing tablespace level backups.

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