Creating a DB2 LUW (Linux, Unix and Windows) Sandbox database

Merriam Webster Dictionary defines ‘Sample’ as “a small amount of something that is given to people to try” and that is exactly what the SAMPLE database that is shipped along with every IBM’s DB2 LUW installation is. This database has objects that reflect a real world like data model along with sample data. It could be a nice play ground for someone who is looking to experiment with or to learn new features in DB2 LUW.

In this blog post, we will look at how simple it is to create this sample database. We will also look at what this database has to offer to us.

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A primer in awk for DB2 LUW DBAs

Although awk and awkward start with the same three letters, awk by no means is awkward. Well, from the syntax of it (and I agree, sometimes, from its learning curve), it could be appear to be so. In this blog post, I share how awk’s most basic features could be powerful tools to get things done faster.

I use awk in many of my UNIX scripts that I write to automate routine tasks. In addition to this, I routinely write awk one-liners to save time. Many times, these one-liners are throw-away in that the same exact awk command might not be used again.

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DBA tip – Easy way to handle single quotes in awk

It is no wonder that I cannot live without awk even a single (working) day in my life. Such is the power of awk (or AWK). It is simply the most powerful utility that I use on *IX (Linux/AIX) systems. awk makes my life easy when dealing with daily DBA tasks. I learned awk almost 10 years ago and I admit that it was tough to get used to its syntax. However, once I knew few basics, it was fun.

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DBA’s friend — UNIX’s crontab utility

There are many tools and utilities that simplify routine tasks and empower DBAs to automate tasks and get the job done. One of them is UNIX’s crontab utility. Colloquially, this is referred to as ‘Cron’ . In this  blog post, first I will introduce few basics about crontab. We will then look at few gotchas to watch out for when using crontab in UNIX environments. Continue reading

DB2 DBA tip – UNIX script to reduce typing (and save time) for reorgs after altering tables

At my current work engagement, I interact with a team of developers who work on multiple projects on a large multi-terabyte data warehouse. Some of these interactions are in the form of requests for DDL (Data Definition Language) changes. Many of such DDL requests have ‘alter table … ‘ statements in them, sometimes, multiple alters on the same table.

When there are more than 3 alter statements for the same table and in few other cases like altering few data types of columns, DB2 puts altered tables into reorg-pending mode. It becomes imperative to perform a reorg on such a table as no Insert, Update and Delete statements could be run until reorg operation is done.

This effort involves identifying tables that are in reorg-pending mode and then performing reorg on each of the table that is in reorg-pending mode. It is repetitive in nature. I usually come up with a UNIX script to get mundane tasks done. In this blog post, I will share this UNIX script that will aid in identifying tables in reorg-pending mode and then perform reorg operation.

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DB2 and Transparent LDAP in DB2 DPF – Misleading error SQL30082N

In this blog post, I will quickly cover my recent experience in troubleshooting a DB2/LDAP authentication problem in a DB2 DPF database.


In a DB2 (9.7 FixPack 7) DPF data-warehouse database, a connection attempt by Datastage to any node other than the coordinator node was failing. Connection attempt to coordinator node succeeds. The same user id and password were being used in both the attempts.

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