The 2016 IDUG DB2 North American Tech Conference – May 23 – 26, Austin, TX.

“It ‘s a very exciting time” — The Matrix (1999) 00:47:48

Indeed it is! The biggest conference on DB2 is right around the corner. Less than a week to be precise.

This years conference is special to me because this not only my 3rd consecutive IDUG but also my first time as an IDUG core member in Conference Planning Committee. As a core member of CPC, I participated in conference’s agenda being built, saw rooms being assigned to sessions, voted on abstracts, stayed in touch with all the speakers in my track (DB2 LUW Track – II) to get their draft and final copies uploaded and lots of other activities. I am eager to see the effort of so many people come to fruition. I now have lot of appreciation to what goes behind the scenes of a great conference with utmost quality to happen without minimum hiccups.

I am also eager to meet my DB2 friends and learn from the best DB2 minds in the industry. If you have not attended IDUG before or not sure if you want to attend this time, I would highly encourage you consider to attend this one.

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Presenting at International DB2 Users Group (IDUG) North America 2015

I am delighted to share that I will be one of the speakers at International DB2 Users Group (IDUG) in Philadelphia, PA. This is going to be my 2nd IDUG and I am eagerly looking forward to not only share an important and challenging topic but also to meet and learn from DB2 gurus like Scott Hayes, Ember Crooks, Mike Krafick and many more.

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Personal Reflections of a first-time IDUG attendee

As apprehensive as I was about presenting at my first ever IDUG conference, I envied myself the whole week as I was having so much fun.. I really did not want the conference to be over ! I went to Phoenix for IDUG as a clean slate without many expectations. What I learned and observed at IDUG blew my mind away !! People I met in these 5 days (May 11 – 16 2014) made a pleasant and memorable etch.

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