Automatic Bufferpools in DB2 HADR – Guest blog post on

Quick note about my guest blog post on In this post, I go over in detail about troubleshooting an interesting delayed transaction replay situation on a DB2 HADR standby database. I discuss about eliminating the usual suspects and cover in detail about about how we fixed the problem. Check it out.


Creating a DB2 LUW (Linux, Unix and Windows) Sandbox database

Merriam Webster Dictionary defines ‘Sample’ as “a small amount of something that is given to people to try” and that is exactly what the SAMPLE database that is shipped along with every IBM’s DB2 LUW installation is. This database has objects that reflect a real world like data model along with sample data. It could be a nice play ground for someone who is looking to experiment with or to learn new features in DB2 LUW.

In this blog post, we will look at how simple it is to create this sample database. We will also look at what this database has to offer to us.

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How I can now answer auditor’s questions – Leveraging DB2’s Audit facility

Last week, I had a series of conversations with an internal auditor (at my work). I was asked a seemingly simple question. Is it possible to find out “when (date and time) was a database role granted to a given user”? At the time of the department’s audit, we had not leveraged DB2’s audit feature yet. However, I am now equipped to answer such questions in future. In this blog post, I show how DB2’s audit facility (db2audit) could be leveraged to answer this question. Treat this as a proof of concept using a simple example.

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